Feature Request concerning Offline-Effects PART 2

Here is what’s confusing me:
If I apply a PlugIn to a clip or region (offline effect prosessing), I can preview the results in the ‘Process Plugin’ dialog.
Now I want to make some changes to the effect - I select my event, go to ‘Offline Process History’, select the effect I wish to change and click ‘Modify’.
Now, the ‘Preview’- button is greyed out - why why why? I can now only guess the parameters I want to change, hit process again and listen to the results, which is not very practical!
I understand that Cubase generates Its own files for offline processing, but if I re-open this dialog, I really don’t see why there shouldn’t be a preview-function like at the first time I applied the effect…
This shoud be changed!

+1, I wonder why too. Sometimes I find it easier to delete the effect and then re-apply it.

I think the pop-up effect window gets defaulted to the same settings you used last time, but if it doesn’t you can always create a temp preset of what was applied last time.


Hey bluedog,

I think we’re maybe setting the bar a little too low by looking to improve what’s a subjectively kinda outdated paradigm. Realtime audio effects inserts for audio clips is what’s really needed there imo, mmv. Just insert a plug like you normally would, but on the clip instead of the track, and tweak it when it needs tweaking,

It’s something that should be pretty high up on the C7 new feature list.


+1 Well, I would agree about realtime clip effects.

But I value the offline facility too because it doesn’t use CPU, and also not all plugins produce repeatable results so fixing it as offline makes it reproducible 100%. (e.g. Autotune which I find can sometimes cause glitches or just differences in effectiveness when used realtime).


What you say makes perfect sense, saving CPU.

Just remember that realtime clip effects can also go offline, be frozen, so it’s a choice that still exists. In some (maybe not all, not sure) you can freeze clips independent of the full track and unfreeze the clip to edit the entire FX chain for a single clip in real time, in context.

Thanks Gargoyle.

But of course, freeze the clip !! Nice :sunglasses:


Yeah, just freeze the clip if it’s necessary. With the exception of something hungry like an amp-sim or a really big convo verb or something, I rarely find a pressing need to take a clip effect offline.

But yeah, if you drop a really hungry amp-sim on a part of a guitar track for a solo section or insert a convo verb like Altiverb on a clip or something, or both on the same clip, you might want to freeze that clip to save some cpu cycles, sure.

EQ’s, comps, delays, other small stuff, not so much really, just let them run as realtime clip inserts.

Thanks Mike.