Feature request concerning voice column index

It would be great if you could change the voice column index in Write Mode (too). Sometimes I have to chose on an individual basis, so no global setting would do. I know, perspectives differ, but for me it‘s rather a writing issue that I do within the writing workflow than an engraving thing that I adjust afterwards. And switching back and forth between modes really is a bummer, even more so because selected objects don‘t get centered in engrave mode.

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Thanks for the feedback. This feels pretty squarely in the camp of being an Engrave mode property to me, but I will think about it some more.

Thank you Daniel. Maybe it‘s a bit of both. Clearly there are properties that touch both modes in some way. Flipping stems, for example. In some cases stem direction (for me) is rather a matter of layout. But I can flip it in write mode as well. So, maybe it wouldn‘t be a big deal to just add the requested feature to write mode, too. If not, it‘s not a big deal either. But it would have saved me a lot of clicking around recently.