Feature Request - Consistency in the way floating windows work in Windows

The floating windows like Media Bay, VST Instruments, Audio Performance, Transport, Video etc. should behave like the Pool window, MixConsole window, the Editors windows and others. The Pool, MixConsole, the Editors all have full Windows capabilities. You can expand, minimize, hide and close these windows and best of all grid these windows with Windows window management system. Oddly you can’t do this with Media Bay and other windows that you might want to leave open during a session. It would best if all windows adhered to Windows 11 design standards and were able to take advantage of all Windows features.

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I would like some work done, in t his area; in particular, being able to use the Escape Key, to dismiss any and all windows.

Of course, all Windows therefore must function in a similar way, e.g., there is no Always on Top, for the Mixer so I am not sure how much progress can be made in this area at this stage.

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Compositor, I’m curious. The ESC key in WIN has traditionally been used to close dialog boxes and a few other features depending on the Filter Keys settings. To close (minimize) all windows I click in the lower right corner. Can you elaborate on what function you’re referring to?


The Export window does not allow escape, in addition, the export window does also not allow a Path to be defined by typing (only mouse).

I think this problem is cross platform and needs to be adressed. The GUI is fine (for me) but I cannot program my streamdeck / artist control properly without consistency.
It shouldn’t be that hard… and example is the fade window situation, where the fade in window closes on esc but the fade out window is greyed out and you first need to click on it…(on MacOS at least).

Take for example, the Browser window, it uses the scroll position from the previous object and applies it to the next, whereas the scroll position is reset between i/o windows in Audio Connections.