[feature request] Consistent Keycommands

I am on C5, but this is afcourse meant for the latest Version of Cubase.

I attached a keycommand to devices>Show panel.
Now I can open the panel without using the mouse, but why does it not close with the same Keycommand?
Like the mixer, the keycommand functions as an on/off switch, but sometimes it only opens and you can hit Escape to close it or in my example it can only open with a keycommand and not be closes, neiter with Escape.
So you still have to mouse it again, I presume that multible developers work on Cubase and I suspect that each has it’s own ideas, maybe draw a line here and agree on one modus operandi?

+1 Though, this might belong in the Cubase 6 forum…
(It would be nice if posters’ sigs could include what OS they are on.)

I find this to be a major annoyance, and it seems to be true for all “palette” windows. Those are the ones that resemble windows with “always on top” set, but they behave differently, with this issue being one of the differences.

It becomes gruesome in Score Edit, where multiple such windows can obscure one another, and do not respond to normal focus controls. Even an assigned key command will not bring the window to the front. Only selecting it in the Windows menu, where the name of the window might be different than it is in Key Commands (case in point Favourites (sic) palette is referred to as “Custom” in Key Commands and “Favourites” in the Windows menu)

When you hit a command for a given window the window should get focus and become frontmost, and when you hit the command when the window is focused and frontmost the window should close, just as the mixers and channel edit windows do.

If this were made to work in this manner, which is just good GUI engineering, I could spend long stretches not touching the mouse, and be doing everything on the keyboard. It would be so lovely!