[feature request] Control Rm. dimmimg

Maybe there is another way to do this, but here’s the story:

My Central station has been on the fritz for a year or so with the speaker outputs in the control room sometimes cutting out, usually one speaker goes dim. Pumping the volume would bring back the channel. This week I replaced the control room control volume control with a UBK “Main Gain”. Sonically there isn’t much difference as far as sound goes, but now the speaker doesn’t cut out. Cool!

Now I still want to use the Central Station for cue, the all important talk back feature and alt speaker sends. I am going to make a transformer split to get the main feed back into the Central Station so I can send that to the rooms if needed. I know I can do this using Nuendo to switch the feed that is currently running to it. I still have a different cue send to the Central station from the monitoring control room in Nuendo.

Here’s what I am up against now… The Central Station would dim the control room outputs. Now I have to find a workaround for this. I tried connecting a foot switch to my Mackie MCU and assigning it to dim the control room output. It latches every time though. The central station doesn’t latch. What I was going to do is make a double pole double throw momentary contact switch to control the Central Station and the control room in Nuendo, using 2 leads, one to the MCU and one to the Central Station. The switch would operate both simultaneously. What I would like to have is the ability to use the control room without it latching so the Central Station and Nuendo’s dim would mirror each other and I wouldn’t have to “pump/double tap” the foot switch to turn Nuendo’s dim off.

Is this possible any other way? Is there a way to make the control room dim non-latching?

Many thanks for any input.

The only thing I don’t know is what message the MCU is sending to Nuendo. Like a note on when the foot switch is pressed and a note off when released. It is a momentary contact switch I am using with the MCU currently.

Not quite sure what you’re after? If you have the preference enabled then Nuendo will dim the studio when using talkback.

Is the issue that you don’t want a controller to latch the Dim function in Nuendo Control Room?

The control room in nuendo latches, meaning it stays dimmed when I press and let go of the foot pedal connected to the MCU. The foot switch connected to the MCU is a momentary contact switch, meaning normally open/closed (not sure what type it is) so when you press it is only engaged when it is pressed. When you take your foot off it, it disengages.

I want Nuendo to mirror this behavior by dimming the control room volume only when the foot pedal is depressed.

I don’t want Nuendo to latch. Nuendo latches. I still have to check to see what the mcu is sending when I press the footpedal attached to it.

Just checked and Nuendo is receiving 2 midi notes:

When I press the foot switch: value 1: F#6 value 2: 127
When I let off the foot switch: value 1: F#6 value 2: 0

HAH!!! Got it!

I downloaded and installed bome midi translator and assigned the “value 1: F#6 value 2: 0” note to a keystroke and now when I take my footsie off the footsie pedal, dim shuts off!

Hoo Hah!

Yep, it’s the simple things that make me happy. Now I can have dinner.