Feature Request: Control Room Insert Presets

I have different analysis chains for different tasks/project types,

and I also sometimes use the control room inserts to test out plugins, or do sound design/fx chain building

Interesting that you put your analysis chains in the control room. - I always do that on my mix channel - after all the mastering plugins.

It’s amazing how many ways one can work inside Cubase. But as a consequence of having given us so many different ways of doing things, the Cubase developers also have created themselves a bit of a problem, because now we always ask for even more! :smiley:

Yea, I ignored the control room for a while and then when I started to explore it, I figured that’s what the inserts were for since Control Room inserts aren’t exported with the mix channel.

So this frees up mix channel for only sound affecting plugins, control room is analysis, tuning, and room correction.