Feature Request: Control Room (simplified) in Dorico


I frequently use plugins like SonarWorks SoundID Reference in Dorico to compensate for non-flat response of my headphones. I keep having to manually turn this off before exporting audio from Dorico to ensure that my audio doesn’t have this weird EQ on it for the headphone compensation. Sometimes I forget and then I have to re-export, which is a bit annoying.

Cubase has this “Control Room” feature, and while I don’t think most of the functionality of the Control Room are useful or applicable to Dorico, it does have a function where you can add VST effects plugins on the output that do not affect the audio export and are only used for live listening. In Cubase this allows users to use plugins like SoundID reference without having to keep manually enabling and disabling them. Wavelab similarly has a “Playback Processing” section designed for exactly the same thing, where you can put plugins like SonarWorks where they will affect live playback but not audio export.

I would love to see Dorico have the same feature, as turning Sonarworks off and back on again frequently is one of the biggest inconveniences I have right now in Dorico.