[FEATURE REQUEST] controller-mapping of plugs with autofocus

I’m back with Cubase after skipping several versions and am quite impressed to say the least. I’ve worked a lot with Presonus Studio One recently, but in the end there were just too many features missing (for the time being at least), so I’m back with Cubase. Anyway, the reason I’m mentioning this, there’s one feature from S1 that I sorely miss.

In S1 you can map any midi-controller individually for any plugin and S1 switches the mapping automatically on focus of the plugin. That’s just so brilliant and simple! I realize there are the Quick Controls in Cubase which is pretty cool in its own way because the things you want to edit don’t have to be in focus. But 99% of the time I want to edit what’s in focus and in S1 that works great. It’s just like automap but better as you don’t have to hassle with an entire third party software layer of which nobody uses the ‘auto’-part anyway, you still have to do your own mappings if you want them to make sense.

So Steinberg, take a look at how Studio One does this, it’s really so simple and a huge workflow enhancer. There don’t need to be any presets for the vast amount of plugins out there, just the ability to map a controller for each plugin individually and then switch the mapping on focus of the plug.