Feature request: copy of sends in mixer by drag'n'drop

Dear Developers!
Make, please, possibility to copy sends from one channel to other by drag and drop, as it possible to do with inserts!

Best regards,

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BTW… we need a general overhaul of the mixer!
(expandable Inserts/sends, free routings, pre/post Channel EQ, more grouping features, complete UNDO!!, hide channels, compare buttons (like SAM), more colorcoding, like → ProTools…e.g.!)

Yes please. +1 to all points mentioned

Yes, am I missing something, or is it long-winded to set up most things in the mixer? Having to do the same three processes on a track to set up a send and repeat for all the tracks in a mix is a PITA. If there’s a shortcut I’d appreciate it (and no, I don’t want to copy all the channels’ settings, I usually add things after doing EQ).

If I’m not mistaken, there’s an option to add all sends when creating a new track automatically.
So if you enable this option and create your sends first, it’s just a question of enabling them and setting the amount of send.

+1 for drag/drop copying.


I had heard that somewhere, but I’ve never used it, - the problem is that’s ass-backwards - I will do tracking with no effects, and then add effects as I mix. What I would like is the option to create the same send on all the current tracks, with the send assigned and turned on, but with the level down. Just like you would do in a real studio, in fact!

Dunno but wouldn’t the Track Presets help here?

Haha, well, in my real studio (good old ADATs!) I have my send FX patched in permanently - reverbs, delays, doubler. And I use them for monitoring during tracking too, mostly reverb, but delay for guitar sometimes. In software though I don’t start with a template even though I pretty much normally use the same send FX for every single project, I just add them when I need them. And I do use them during tracking too so I can hear how the song’s coming along with a rough mix. Each to his own.

One thing that would be really useful would be when you add an send effect it by default sets it to 0dB send level. Zero level seems to be a waste of time to me because I’ve always got to adjust it. Of course, a preference here would be ideal.


Just select the channels, hold Shift + Alt, click into the send slot of any selected channel and assign a destination. That will be applied to all selected channels. Since this functionality is on board (finally :sunglasses: ) I hardly think of creating fx tracks before I need them (to get the auto assignement according to the program settings preference you’d have to create fx tracks first).


expandable inserts/sends: I always have to route a channel to a group when I need more inserts/sends. I found a cheap fx chainer for inserts, but Waves shall is not supported…

Yes, I use this function to send all channels to groups for parallel compression of the entire mix before the mastering channel; but I’m not able to set the send level for all selected channels to 0db at the same time (I tried every combination of ctrl/alt/shift). So please, if there is a way, tell me how to do this.

I don’t know of a way to do this… but would be nice to have indeed!
Hey Steinberg, what about implementing common control of send faders (of selected tracks) by simple rightclicking/pulling the send faders of one channel?