FEATURE REQUEST: Create Group Channel Track with selected

I love the new context menu in the project window “Move selected tracks to new folder”.

How about an item there that creates a group channel track for the selected items and automatically assigns the outputs of the selected channels to the newly created group channel track?

Cool, eh?

not bad :wink:

Yes, that happens to sound distinctly useful :slight_smile:

Anything that reduces the head strain :smiley:


Is there currently any way of assigning a large number of tracks to one particular group / output in one go?

Getting fed up of click/drop/click/click on every track I want to assign to a group!

+1 That would be a big time-saver. And you’ve definitely set a precedent with the new - very handy - create folder function, Steiny :wink:

Yep, I really wished for it this past Sunday a few times but all I could do was to put the selected tracks in a folder … :confused:

try [Shift]+[Alt]+Click

Yes there is in fact. In the mixer, select all of the tracks you wish to assign to one group, hold down the shift key and select the desired group in the output of any of the selected channels and it will change all of them. At least it works that way on the PC. Probably does on the Mac as well.