Feature Request : Create Lanes from Tracks

Very useful, with of course the ability to turn it into a Key Command

Yuu mean like select three tracks and make one new track with content on these as lanes - then remove original tracks?


This could be so useful. There is a Create Tracks from Lanes feature but not the reverse: Create Lanes from Tracks.

About the easiest way I have found to do this manually is:

  1. Import audio to separate tracks
  2. Create New Track
  3. Select event while holding down the CMD (mac) button so that the time doesn’t shift
  4. move to new track
  5. Repeat for all tracks
  6. Turn on Lanes
  7. Clean Up Lanes

Not sure if there is an easier way. It does work and doesn’t take that much time.

How so? What would this capability let yo do?

I like to switch in a single click (no drag required) between parallel choices with the lanes’ finger. Superposition of elements + clean up lanes to get there feels messy if I have a specific juxtaposition (evolving order, empty lanes) in mind