Feature Request: Create Part Tool


i would love to see the following new tool in future versions of cubase: after editing audio using find silence it would be great to have a tool to “undelete” some of the silence created. the tool should behave like the range selection tool, but then at the same time it should undelete the hidden audio on the track(s).

so basically by selecting the silence on a track the tool would have the hidden audio appear. that would save a lot of time when editing audio.

regards, robert.

Not sure why you would want to bring back parts of the event with no audio but in theory, if you use the glue tool the part will expand to the next part.

However, my prefrence would be “events to part”.

thanks for your reply. well, the glue tool won’t do the job - see my other post :wink:
the point in bringing back the audio is that it actually DOES contain audio, but “find silence” made it disappear.

any other ideas?

Lower the threshold of “find silence” ?

uncheck strip silence!

What he said…