Feature request: create simple repeat with repeat popover

In Finale it’s common to select a couple of consecutive bars and then select “create simple repeat” from the menu to create – well – a simple repeat. It might be my muscle memory but I think it could be useful if the same would be possible with the repeat popover in Dorico, i. e. select a couple of bars, press Shift-R and type “repeat” to create a simple repeating section rather than having to do this via the Bars popover (I mean, it doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive, this could be an additional option).

Does that sound feasible?

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That’s a great idea. I’ve acclimated to the Bars popover method, but I think this is certainly more intuitive from a user perspective.

You’ll have to excuse my ignorance of Finale, but I assume what this does is create a start repeat barline at the start of the selection and an end repeat barline at the end of the selection?