[Feature Request] Create your own styles in GA

Hi ppl! :slight_smile:

I guess there is no separate feature request for all the plugins available so here we go …

I’d like to be able to create MIDI parts in Cubase, drag and drop them in Groove Agent and convert them to styles.
I can’t imagine it’s very easy for the programmers hehe BUT … just about everything is already visibly working it seems.
What’s not there is the header in this topic and it could work like this:

You create a MIDI part and connect it to Groove Agent and you record/edit the notes to your liking.
You copy the MIDI part max 8 times and now you edit the parts to become increasingly more complex … or the other way around if that suits you better.
Making sure the max complexity level will work before removing stuff is probably better than add as you go, but that’s up to each and every fake drummer to decide.
Now you glue all of the parts into one part and drag and drop it into Groove Agent and you have one pad’s worth of MIDI patterns.
Let’s say you have a simple test part in 4/4 and this is 8 sections long so you have to tell Groove Agent to chop the part up with start and stop points like you already can do.
So you tell Groove Agent the patterns should stop/start at 1/4, 5/8, 9/12, 13/16 …
Then you do some more stuff and after that, you hit a “convert to Style” button.

After having dived headfirst into the bottomless well called Groove Agent a while ago and not seen the end yet the above feature request is NOTHING for the programmers.
But it would mean EVERYTHING to me to be able to create my own Styles just the way I want them !!! :sunglasses:

BTW when will GA 4.5 be released? :wink: