Feature Request : Cubase 11 - Event naming always displays file name & description (need options to choose)

There is an annoying behaviour in Cubase 11 in regards to Event names. For instance if I import and drop a file with any name into my empty project it creates a track with the file name and the Event also shows the file name in the upper left corner.
Now I can rename the track but the Event name isn’t affected (which would already be a great feature to have optional). Ok, then I highlight the Event and via the InfoLine in the very left upper corner I am seeing the “File” field. There I can change the name. But in consequence the Event name changes to the original name + the renamed string in brackets. That makes totally now sense at all. This creates endless text strings on events which makes the display of Event content blocked. I can disable Event name display, yes, but that is difficult then when splitting Events since it can be hard to see there the cuts are and anyways I want my Events to be named to whatever I want. Why isn’t that possible anymore? I recall it wasn’t like that in older versions.

Actually I was able to check this behaviour down to Cubase Pro 10.0.60. Again, that’s now a great feature.
And even more StudioOne (3 and later I could check) have this handy feature > right click on an Event (which brings up an nice dialog) and you can select Rename Event and BANG! It does it like a charm

Here is my finding: Cubase displays in the Event header the file name and a description. Second contains automatically the file name (=matches). When you then change the “file” or “description” only (=unmatch) the Event Name will show both, FileName and Desctiption and one is in brackets (). That can be annoying. So you have to rename the description as well to the file name or vice versa, so that they match and then the Event Name gets merged to only display one text string. Not really handy and smart. Event names should be more flexible to have the choice if file names and / or description is labled. Hope it can be addressed. Need to add a feature request. StudioOne handles it quite relaxed.

as already mentioned in the German part…

since a file could hold more than one event, the events need unique names different from the file…
if the file represents only one event the this is not obvious…

If you change the file name, you do not change the event name, since these are different things…

And I requested it to be an option to have only the Event name being displayed. I don’t need to have awfully long file names added to the Event label.
StudioOne does it like that and it works great.
Since it can be optional you can still see the file names in the Events, sure. But again, it takes too much space in an Event label when using different Event names on a file.

this is not a bug… still…

Once you change a tempo in the project, you hear all these artifacts from the CC data’s (mod, volume, expression, etc). Somehow, you have to “redraw” them for the new tempo. Weird. Please take a look into this.

this could be in the wrong thread :question:

@st10ss not a bug but an inconvinience. Why not having the option to have only the Description (like it is in StudioOne for instance)? And I am pretty sure it wasn’t like that all the time. I will late check Cubase 7.5 and SX3 (last is too old, I know but anyways).
I will go directly to Steinberg and send this in via their ticket system since the forum was and is still not the right place for contructive feedback. Too many confusions and users which try to defend “their” application. I changed the subject of the post to Feature Request.

you can add the tag “feature-request”