Feature request - Cubase project - relative sample folder

When doing some Cubase projects I’m frequently moving them between the computer at work and the computer at home. I often create Halion instruments and samples specific for each project.

It would be nice if Halion had some way of finding the samples automatically if they reside inside the Cubase project folder (or the pool). That would save me the time of finding the samples by hand every time I change the project folder name / drive letter, etc.


Great idea and certainly has its uses. +1


Our studio bought 2x HALion4 licenses and we are unable to share sample libraries…

The absurd thing is, HALion3 does support relative paths

If HALion has any chance of catching up with Kontakt this needs to be implemented in the very next update

Bump request for this useful feature :slight_smile:

yea this happens all the time with my projects…