Feature Request - Custom Clip Colour key commands


I was discussing with @Justin_Perkins over in the Facebook group a few months back about adding clip colours with custom key commands. Is this possible to do?

Currently I don’t think you can modify the key commands for clip colours at this time, though I maybe wrong.



This is already possible, and the shortcuts are provided. To know the shortcuts, hover the mouse there:


not interesting anymore

Yes I’ve seen those. I just wanted to change the commands, but can’t seem to beable to do this in wavelab 11.1

I suggest you try them. The so-called indexed shortcuts are an easy concept once you’ve got the idea: you type a number (1 to…), then a letter as a trigger. This kind of shortcut is used in many places of WaveLab, and this allows to spare other classical shortcuts. The drawback is that they can’t be overriden.


Yes I have tried them but find them quite clunky to use.