Feature request - deactivation of player labels

I’d like to have the possibility in Dorico to globally deactivate “Player Labels”. I write music for a brass band with four players and condense them on two staves (stem up - stem down notes on the two staves similar to a SATB choir). That’s very clear to the players, they don’t need player labels throughout the whole score. I have to remove them manually which takes some time sometimes. So I’d appreciate very much a global deactivation switch for player labels. Another suggestion would be to filter all player labels so that they can be deactivated. Thank you.

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It should be possible to configure Condensing not to show labels, as long as it provides that information by stemming and rests.

Yes, this has been requested many times by others too.

+1 for this.

Also, it would be great to have to different options to globally show/hide different “separate” player labels (I. II… etc.) and the “Divisi/Unis./a 2” label, like on Henle Verlag.