[FEATURE REQUEST] Default Drum Set for GAOne ?

Would you like to have a drum set loaded, when opening GrooveAgent One?

  • yes
  • no
  • I don´t care

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I am aware, that this is not really an issue, but maybe someone has a solution…

Note sure if this is just me, but Id really like to have already a drumset loaded into GrooveAgentOne, when I open it. It happens so many time, that I open it and I dont hear anything, because no drum set is loaded.

EDIT: So I officially request:

  • A default drum set, which is configurable
  • A default drum set, whichever it is


By default GAO is empty. Makes sense or not (not so much to me).

You are all invited to vote and share thoughts and ideas.


You know you can create track presets and load GAO with your favorite kits from the Media Bay, don’t you (and it’s also much less clicking compared to creating a track and loading GAO into it)?
As for changing anything about GAO, I’d much rather prefer more multisampled acoustic kits coupled with more midi performances for Beat Designer.