[Feature request] default track output routing

I’d like to be able to automate the volume of all tracks globally, but if I use the stereo output bus I eliminate the possibility of leaving a single track untouched by the fade. So, I need to have a bus BEFORE the stereo output bus, so the master out can remain unchanged. The annoyance is that all tracks are routed to the stereo output bus by default.

I’d like to be able to route my tracks to somewhere other than the master bus by default. Is there a preference that allows me to determine my default routing when a track is added? There should be.


But you can select all the channels that you require to route to your group and then by holding down shift (i think) all the selected tracks will adopt the same routing.

yea that’s what i ended up doing. I’m suggesting a feature that lets you determine the default routing when a new track is created, so instrument tracks AND audio tracks are routed to a bus I specify. Seems easy to implement on the face of it.

this issue came up again for me so I thought i’d bump the topic.

Here’s my scenario: I’m doing music which needs to go through a master reverb. The sound design/dialog/foley does not. So to remedy this I’ve put the sound design through Stereo Out 2, and the music through Stereo Out 1 (with the master reverb on stereo out 1). This works fine, however when exporting I can only export one Stereo out at a time. So, I’ve just been doing a separate bounce of both outputs and and summing them together. It’d be easier to get it all in one pass or have the routing options changed in Cubase.

Why not assign your music to a group you ask? Well, every newly created track defaults to Stereo Out 1. While I’m working would have to reassign to a different bus every time I create a track, and over the course of the project that adds up to a lot of wasted time assigning busses. It’s easier to just leave it on the default Stereo Out.

So several solutions would solve my problem:

-Allow me to route the output of Stereo Out 2 to be summed with Stereo Out 1.
-Allow me to route newly created tracks to a group I specify by default. <—best option
-Allow me to export Stereo 1 and Stereo 2 summed together.

Thanks. Any suggestions welcome.

To resolve the first request You can create groups .
Groups can be routed to other groups (except to its own input).
For the third request you would need group for Stereo Out 1, Stereo out 2 and SUMMED, and route the stereos to the summed group.