Feature request "Delete ALL doubles"

I work a lot with midi editing. I often program strings, horns and export midi to Sibelius for score writing.
More often than not, there are doubles in the midi file, even if I used the command “Delete doubles” from the functions menu a lot. It takes time to proof read and delete all the double notes in Sibelius.
(In Nuendo I have to use List edit to spot them…)
Also for programming electronic music, using drum machines and synths/softsynths, it can be a problem to have a note doble/triple triggered. Phasing, bad midi timing, less impact of bass notes to name some…

It would really save me some time and trouble if Steinberg included a “delete ALL doubles”-command
in the MIDI-Functions list.

Hence this humble request from a long time Cubase/Nuendo user
(…yes, I had and used both; the Atari ST and a Falcon…)

  • Or perhaps some of the clever heads around here can come up with a workaround/macro for this function?

The problem with deleting doubles is that unless they are actually at exactly the same spot, they are not seen as doubles. However, in the Score Editor they are clearly doubles, so it would make more sense to be able to delete doubles via the Score Editor.

In fact there are loads of things that would be very handy to be able to do in the Score Editor, but for some reason are not. Such as using KC to get different Quantize values, for example. But I digress…


What about having a command deleting notes that are closer than x ticks from each other?
…would be a timesaving addition for me.
On another note:
I use the “explode” - function from the score editor all the time.
(e.g. to seperate the violins/violas/celli/basses into seperate tracks or midi channels from a 4-part arrangement made in the keyroll-editor.) It would be nice to have this function as well in the MIDI/Functions -menu without having to open it in the Score editor to get access to this function…or perhaps it is reserved for us NEK-users?


tho thinking about it, would this not be possible in the logical editor (don’t think there’s a preset for it) ?

On another note, I also would like added a midi feature/function that glues together
all adjacent notes on the same pitch.
I just worked on an 8th note piano pattern and needed to make a string pad from a duplicate of the piano track.
As it is now, I have to glue all the adjacent notes together one by one with the glue tool
(or alternately delete all adjacent notes one by one and apply legato function afterwards…)
To make this a new function would be awesome and save me a lot of time!
…and not to forget the delete ALL doubles as well :nerd: