Feature request - Different vertical size views of a track


I don’t know if there is a way already for doing this, but when I am doing a montage and on the reference track I happen to have more lanes, it would be great that I could lock or select a wide view of the track so that I could see the waveforms on the lanes and not just some very small waveform lane views.
Could it be that we could select some sizes like in ProTools : small/medium/large/jumbo?
It could apply to all tracks not just reference once.
If there’s already this feature , can someone point me to it please?

Thank you all in advance!!


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You can already have different (individual) track heights. What is your request more precisely?

Apologies, but the workload has been hectic these days.
So in this first screenshot attached is basically what I end up in a montage:

A reference track that I use to store the various versions of the mix I receive and then send this one out to the chain.
And on the same reference track I usually end up with an instrumental version of that track and with an instrumental + bgvs.

So in the next screenshot is what I would mean by having different track sizes:

This way i can see which track is which. This way i can also work on automation of parameters on the clips fx PRIOR being sent to the chain.
Rezising and locking that track view size would be of great help for micromanagement.

The same could apply to any other track. Maybe I want the track I printed to be larger and keep it on a large size view so I could get into the details.

Also while on this chapter, could it be possible to enable a function that allows to click, hold and drag a lane within a reference track, and by doing so, quickly allow us to order the track lanes? (besides the keyboard shortcuts I mean)

Wanted to mention that I am aware that you can have different view sizes, but I wish it would be able would be to lock in that view so that every time I return to that track I find it in that track height/view size.

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