Feature Request Direct monitoring multiple MR816's

Hi, if direct monitoring is activated, does this mean that all the inputs are monitored through output 1/2?
And does it means that Unit #2 does the same.

That would make me think that connected the output 1/2 from bith units to a little mixer would fix the monitor mix issue.

Could this work?

Yes that does work, however for each mix you need a separate 4 channel mixer. if you want to run 4 independant stereo submixes, that’s 4 mixers to deal with. what about mono mixes, arg, now I need 8 2 channel mixers.

oh, and of course, only channel 1+2 get the effects applied. bloody useless for multiple monitor mixes, drummers and bass players like to hear reverb too!

I’m back to monitoring through cubase, this direct thing was a nice idea, but implemention didn’t work out. If I was a pro I’d be using RME products instead.

Well i was considering a 2nd mr816,but now im not sure.other units like motu,tc,rme offers much better routhing flexebility. the limit of real monitoring from all devices ,cant use all i\o at the same time(digital and analog) also cant send reverb to monitors(All outputs) is a real bummer.
the queastion is there anybody at steinberg planing to fix those issues,? :cry: they are slient and secret as if they build a nuclear weapon:? :exclamation:

The main reason for having the mr816 is the good ADDA conversion, It was a big deal last year regarding many of the gearslutzs! But the routing issue is damn frustrating! Also the missing of more dsp tools for direct monitoring like eq and compression is missed (though available on the CSX) and should be standard! :unamused:

I really don’t believe this will ever happen unfortunately. I too was disappointed to find this direct monitoring problem with 2 MR816s. I now use an RME Digiface with my 2 MR816s and it works beautifully.

how do you use the RME with the MR816’s?

Through the adat I/O’s of the RME, the mr816 can function as a standalone ADAT mic-pre unit.


Hmm this issue plus the lack of preamp bypass puts me of buying this soundcard.
Any idea when an update or second revision of this flawed product comes out? maybe the will fix this in the next generation?

Come on Steiny… Say something!

This really is getting beyond a joke …

Just got this from EdDoll,

So it is with the engineering team in Japan!

Why has it taken this long to get it there seriously!!!


Congratulations, thats more than I got, which was deafening silence. I had a tech on the phone about 1 year ago who told me they knew about it and he thought it would be fixed “soon.” Nothing since.

Guys … maybe make some noise over here too …


if they’re updating for Lion … maybe they can look at this at the same time.

I have received an official warning from Steinberg because I won’t drop this issue. I’ve been warned I’ll be banned from the forum.

Can you believe that?!?!!?

What do you mean?


I know this topic has been discussed numerous times in the past but as a suggestion/solution to the MR816 monitoring / routing problem, would it not be possible to ask Yamaha to bring the mLAN concept back into development?

I am sure not only would you end up with happy MR users giving them full network routing functionality, but you would also end up pleasing the old 01x, i88x and mlan card users as well who cried out for 64bit OS drivers.
I know that this is theoretically possible as a soloution as the Yamaha n12 mixer originally had mlan drivers and then had to be flashed across to the new Y/S driver concept.

Surely therefore you could flash the devices back to mlan - and MRs too - we just need a new mlan driver?

That is a wicked idea mate… Great suggestion!

I also fell into the trap … inverted blindly into two units by misleading advertising. and an incomplete manual made ​​no mention of this problem that directly affects users working steinberg recording rock bands and similar styles. where it is needed more than 8 tracks Motorised Analogue and monitored. Steinberg shows that I hope is a great company.

Martin from Argentina :blush:

yo tambien cai en la trampa… inverti ciegamente en dos unidades gracias a la publicidad engañosa. y a un manual incompleto que no mencionaba sobre este problema que afecta directamente a usuarios de steinberg que trabajan grabando bandas de rock y estilos similares. en donde es necesario mas de 8 tracks analgicos motorisados y monitoreados. Espero que Steinberg demuestre que es una gran compania.

Martin de Argentina :blush: