Feature Request disable VST Scan at Startup

It would be a nice option to disable VST scan at startup…then maybe the application would initialize in less than 10 seconds.


If I look at the start process here, plugin scanning is not what takes an immensely long time, compared to the rest of whatever Cubase is doing… would still take 30, 40 seconds without it,
The bigger problem is that their support and/or this forum will be flooded by “bug” reports from users à la: “I installed this and this plugin and it is not showing in Cubase”.
A better solution would be to do the plugin scanning in the background, like e.g. Cakewalk does.


I agree, sandboxed vst scan process is a good Idea. Currently, when Cubase finally does initialize, I’m no longer in the mood to make music.


I Totally Agree with all of you guys and it is about time cubase engineers start solving this big heck

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