Feature request: Display of a single audio track (with waveform) for folder tracks (event display)

Since I’ve been using it regularly in Sequoia, I’d also like Nuendo to allow me to choose to display only one specific track (with details) for a folder track. Instead, you can only select that all events are displayed. Especially when you need a track for reference and there are a lot of tracks in the folder, it would be very helpful to be able to select a specific track. (You can then select this track and simply close the folder. So there is no big gap to the “reference track”.)

But maybe I’m the only one who would find this helpful. :wink:

Apparently I have used up all my votes - but I would like this too. Coming from Pyramix, it was one of the good things about the folder record. Especially useful when you are recording hundreds of tracks and need to add vocal markers on the fly.

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It’s been a while since I used Pyramix. Didn’t even know there was that feature there too.
So, Steinberg. Two competitors have this function. Then Nuendo can do that too. :grinning:

Yes, just read yesterday that the number is (severely) limited. But I appreciate your willingness. :+1: