[FEATURE REQUEST] Do not delete deactivated tracks when importing another project using MATCHING


I am having an issue when importing tracks from another fellow composer. We built a template together in Cubase with thousands of instrument tracks, all deactivated. We activate the ones we want when needed. When my friend composes a track, he sends it to me and I import it and re-arrange it for our final delivery, using extra tracks from our template.

The issue i am having is with the MATCHING feature importing tracks. While it is great, i actually deletes all other tracks of our template not used in my friends session. For example:

Our template has 2000 deactivated tracks. The session i want to import uses 50 of these tracks. If i ask Cubase to match the respective tracks to our template, it will match them fine, but delete our 1950 other deactivated tracks. This is pretty annoying and beats the whole point of matching tracks.

We actually use the “new track” import function. But when you have many cues, and each can reach hundreds of tracks, it is pretty long to manually drag them all…

To have the option to “keep” all other track when matching would be awesome, and probably not too complicated to implement (i hope).

Thanks for reading.

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