Feature request - don't mute track while recording

I kindly ask if is it possible to have an option that gives the ability to play the tracks / clips while recording into it instead of muting it (in the current situation, when you hit RECORD, that particular track mutes itself).

This could be set maybe into the preferences and the reason of this request is that in some situation it could be a good idea to let people to hear the previous clips of the track upon recording the new ones.

As example to better understand the situation, imagine if someone needs to record a particular track (or tracks) in more sections;
recording the second, third, fourth section … etc…, it could be useful to let the player to hear exactly what was recorded for better playing the new section.

Currently the workaround seems to engage the punch in method or to record into a new track but these solutions are a bit uncomfortable.

I used Sonar since more than 20 years and Sonar does not mute the tracks when you record in it and I would be happy to have into Cubase the same feature.

Thank you,


Tape Machine Monitoring in the preferences perhaps?

No, that’s for setting up the monitoring options of the signal coming INTO Cubase through the audio interface.
It’s a different thing…




Yes, this makes for a very comfortable workflow.

This follows the oft-requested feature to optionally hear overlapping lanes. [See here.] Presumably, this feature would be available not just during playback, but also during recording and would answer your request as well.

All the best!