Feature Request: Drag and Drop functionality between SL and Cubase (From Cubase into SL or out of/into Cubase)

Don’t know if this is possible,

but it could be cool, if I could make a selection in SL and drag into Cubase and have it turn into an event, either placed onto an existing track, or creating a new one.

and vice versa,

dragging an audio event from Cubase into SL and having it appear as a layer.

This could allow for some pretty creative and fluid sound design, like dragging in an assortment of events for the purpose of doing spectral casting. Or a more advanced way of sum rendering.

For example,

I could ad Spectralayers to a chunk of vocals, and then browse the project a grab a synth line from somewhere else in the project, and just drag into the already existing ARA2 session.