Feature request: drag automation selection box


With cubase 6 came the selection box for editing automation points: when selecting multiple points, i get
a white square around my selection and handles for scaling the selection.

however, moving the points is often hard - Instead of selecting & moving a point i’m clickin on, it scales the

to me it would seem logical, that clicking and dragging anywhere inside the highlighted square - except the scale controls - would move the whole selection. However, this is not the case - instead of moving the selection, it disables the selection. I think this would be easy to implement and would make editing still a bit easier.



Try using the object selection tool (2) to select your automation points. You can drag the selection then.
You can also hold alt when you drag to copy the automation point constellation. This also works between different automation lanes.


(forgive me for interfering, JHP :wink: )…
I think you meant the Range tool (which is indeed kc “2” by default).

But, I must add that I do agree with ilmeri… these excellent new editing features are almost identical when in use with automation lanes and controller lanes… except that, when editing controllers, we can indeed drag the selection, like ilmeri said, without having to change tools. It just seems a little inconsistent to me that the same is not possible when editing automation.