feature request: drag'n'drop VST's from mixer to audioclips!

I thought about this before and it would be a good workflow benefit if it was possible to drag’n’drop VST Insert plugins from the mixer view directly on to audio clips in the project window!
Today, using right click + process plugin + preview doesn’t always work that good (neither can you listen in song context).
If it was possible to tweak and play around with VST insert plugins as insert fx and then directly applying it to an audio clip would be awesome.
Would save alot of time instead of doing the Preset Save for each plugin and then open them in the Process menu instead (or render to a new file). It would save you alot of CPU in the long run I think.

I don’t know if other people think the same way about this. Any comments?

PS. More importantly: drag’n’drop support for samplers back and forth to Cubase (should maybe be another thread).
Does anyone now if Halion supports drag’n’drop from Cubase?