Feature request: Drum Pad assignments.


Until Cubasis has it’s own drum sampler in which we can load our own samples we have to resort to using external apps to sequence drums with MIDI. Each external drum app (DM1 for example) has it’s own MIDI note assignments. Every time I want assign the drum pads in Cubasis to an external app, I have to manually go through and set them up.

I would like to see a way to save “Drum Pad Settings” and re-load them as needed. This would also allow things like creating sets of chords with them as well in certain keys which could then be re-loaded and used in a different song rather than having to manually map the pads every time.

While this would be good in general I would also settle for a Cubasis built in drum sampler like GA one or better GA 4 SE :slight_smile:

Agreed, this would also allow for custom drum kits!


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