FEATURE REQUEST: Dry/Wet control for plugin

Evening. Please confirm if you also want the feature described below:


  • Some plugins does not provide “Dry/Wet” (or “Mix”) control.
  • Plugin could make audio too “dirty”, or increase output volume too hight.
  • A/B comparison (plugin bypass) in processing chain with such plug is not accurate (especially when plugin multiply volume).
  • From engineering point of view this feature needed, i feel that. Also output volume control needed, but this is another story .)


  • Textbook control provided by Host window: 100% - means wet signal, 0% - dry signal (see attachment).
  • It should be additional parameter stored in project (between sessions) and in track preset.
  • Parameter should be visible for “Quick Controls” and “Automation” (near standard “Volume, Mute …” parameters).

Please confirm if you also want such feature.

That’s what Sends are for.

+1, sends work, but this would streamline the workflow in a great way!

Unfortunately sends not stored within track preset.
Also sends could not be frozen, they are always eat CPU or external DSP accelerator (UAD in my case).

Not the ultimate or elegant solution but DDMF’s Metaplugin can do some quite freaky stuff when it comes to connecting your own plug-ins in a modular enviroment. But it can also simply blend the signal (dry/wet) :wink:
And of course it’s a normal VST so it will be stored in a track preset.

Don’t let the clunky design fool you, it’s a poweful tool for people who like parallel processing and big effect chains.


I would much rather have the mixer behave the way it does currently. The very nature of insert routing is to affect the entire signal. When I need wet/dry control I will always route through a send.