Feature request: e.g. "Ctrl+." for Lombard/Scotch snap rhythm

I make frequent use of Dorico’s (amazing) ability to implement dotted rhythms across a selection with one key press, e.g. to change pairs of 8ths into dotted 8th + 16th pairs. It has occurred to me many times that an easy method of achieving the reverse (short-long/Lombard/Scotch snap rhythm) would be handy. I’d propose “Ctrl+.”, since Opt+. is already assigned.

I’m editing a baroque opera where Lombard rhythms abound. Currently, I can make use of the rhythmic grid plus Shift+Alt+arrow function to speed up the process a little, but this is still tedious. I can also get a little tricky, offset my original note input by a 16th, then select, press “.”, and do some cleanup, but I’m more prone to input errors this way and I’d contend it’s not immediately obvious. It would be wonderful if the reversed dotted rhythm was just as straightforward as the more common variety!

I’d like to also give a +1 to the already-voiced request to filter by Note Duration - the combination of those two features would make this task trivial.

(If this is already possible somehow and I’ve missed it…please let me know :neutral_face: )

Nice idea! +1

In the meantime, it might be faster to start with one quarter note, and break it in the right place, changing pitch as necessary. Or copy and paste the rhythm, then Repitch the notes.

Your post sent me on a quick search through the documentation; by “repitch,” do you mean through the use of Lock Duration? I confess I hadn’t intuited the potential use case for that feature (and I’ve been using Dorico since 1.0…) but I see how it could be useful to add to the toolbelt. Thanks!