Feature Request: easier to input fingerings

In came to me in a dream.

Pressing left and right when entering fingerings moves you to the next available note. But why not add pressing UP and DOWN to move you to the next note in the same chord? also, if you enter a new fingering and pressing left/right, it should accept that input just as space does. (edit1: oh wait it does do the latter.) This would make adding fingers so much faster for me.

Thank you.

edit2: Also why not add a “filter fingerings” from jump bar?

edit3: Also sometimes the popup covers the notes for which I am inputting fingerings. This especially happens when there are two or more voices on a staff. Picture:

Screenshot 2024-07-09 at 2.18.05 AM


You can’t filter fingerings because they’re not separate items (so in that regard it’s similar to articulations, which also can’t be filtered independently of notes). If you want to filter fingerings in order to remove them, there’s already a dedicated Reset Fingerings command for that.

I was more thinking about : let’s say there is a section of the fingerings I want to edit in the properties panel, something like a “position left of notehead”; clicking a few might be fine, but sometimes I need many of them. selecting a group of notes works for that, but I might accidentally select non-notes (slurs, tuplet numbers, etc), which makes the option go away in properties panel. And so if I need to select several measures to adjust the fingerings and my music uses tuplets, not even “filter by notes…” works. I have to make sure non-notes are unclicked. It is irritating.Genuinely I think this would be a much appreciated quality of life fix to consider.

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You can filter deselect those extra items.

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I made myself a macro to “Select notes but not tuplets” early on.

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Can you share it please?

Yes, being able to move up and down within a chord or move from one layer to another within the same fingering popup box would be extremely helpful and something I wish for often. I would imagine that this capability would be no simple matter to add to the program, however!


Sure. It’s just

local app=DoApp.DoApp()

(It assumes you start out in filter-to-select mode, and restores it at the end.)