[Feature request] Easy customization of file name when exporting graphics

While mostly a convienience issue I would really like to be able to customize the file names of the files when outputting a score to graphics. While slightly useful the only customization option right now is to include or exclude date in the file name.

Some suggestions to what would be useful to customize:

  • Include/exclude project name, flow name, player/instrument name and so on.
  • Change capitalization of output to all lower/upper case or first letter of word capitalized.
  • Freely define separators between words such as blank space, underscore, dash or preferably any string of characters.
  • Choose date formating and being able to include/exclude year/month/day/time and so on.
  • Option to place/not place exported file(s) in an own folder at the chosen destination folder.

I agree that this would be useful, and I hope we will be able to implement something like this in future.