Feature request: Edit multiple Tracks together (CC's, Articulations...)

While working with larger orchestral templates with very often more than one track which needs a similar programming, it would be a huge timesaver, if there would be an option to allow changes made for instance in MidiCC’s or Articulation-Assignment apply to all open Tracks.
Especially in programming larger scores there are often situations, where an at least parallel dynamic, phrasing and articulation etc. is needed.
Currently it is very tedious to go through each channel and always repeat each single tweak again and again. Ok we already can select, delete or tweak the size and velocity of Midievents. What if we can do each midi-editing “per bunch”
@ (universal) Expressionmaps
I know, to allow this for all instrument which should be edited, would require kind of a standard universal expressionmap. … but would that be that impossible? At least the most used Articulations are in general included in most available Libraries and those which make a difference among Libraries, are mostly the seldom used FX, special or exotic playingstyles, which still can always added to any expressionmap wich nevertheless still can follow for all usual often used Articulations kind of universal rules which apply for all instruments.
Easier but perhaps even more helpful, would be the option to draw for instance Modulation, CC1 or Expression CC11 once for all Tracks selected and opened for editing.
The larger your orchestral Setup is, the more tedious is currently the midi-editing and programming. To allow kind of bunch editing would be an absolut gamechanger for the work with orchestral libraries.

For that you can create a midi track containing controller and share content with all relevant leads

Thank you for your hint.
That seem to be indeed very interesting - meanwhile I am not yet sure I really understood, what exactly that does and allows.

However my main interest was to streamline the editing work and make that way much easier, while keep the chance for aditional individuel tweaks reduce the work for similar editing.

Does that additional channel for shared data make the already pretty complex orchestral setup even more complex?