Feature Request: Editable Glissando Playback

One of the more frustrating things that I’ve found in any notation software is the Glissando Playback in the harp. The harp oftentimes may use distinct pedaling, etc. to have a variety of different combinations that lie outside the key. As a result, any playback that just follows the key will always be limited. In Sibelius there is Zawalich Plug-In that allows you to generate the midi messages for unique scales, but it can be a tedious workaround and I still always wished there was some way of natively editing the glissando playback itself.

So in short, have glissando playback options to:

-follow key


-diatonic (white notes only)


-customize scale (as if manipulating the pedals of the harp)

For the “customize scale” option there could be a 12 note grid submenu, and the user can select which notes to include

This is already on the developers’ todo list.