Feature Request: Enhanced Pad Controller

Building on my previous feature request…

I have come up with an even better idea, see photo for further explanation.

For the pad controller:

  1. Multi octave keyboard to choose notes from, for “Custom” chords.
  2. “Custom” chords in place of “Single” note so user could choose one or many notes from the multi octave keyboard.
  3. An option to have EACH PAD be its own arpeggio, with: arp up, arp down, arp up/down, arp down/up, or arp random. Deselect the selected arp to have NO arp for the selected pad. Hold arp selection to change arp speed (or maybe have arp speed options across the top of the pad controller section, next to “Repeat”).
  4. The ability to save and load pad controller layouts.

These would be great to see for the pad controller! It would really make for a nice addition.

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