Feature request: Enharmonic refinement

When I am inputting notes via MIDI into transposed instrumental parts, and even in concert pitch parts , I sometimes get a forest of double-sharps and double-flats, plus extremely awkward mixtures of sharps and flats. I would love for there to be some options that let you: 1. favor flats or sharps; 2. use simple spelling (avoid double-sharps and double-flats); 3. use simple intervals (favor major thirds over diminished fourths, for example). 4. avoid mixing flats and sharps. These are just a few ideas. Having the ability to guide Dorico towards desired spelling would vastly speed up the editing process.

Dear pwoody6,
Those requests are not really new, and the team has already delivered some answers. You can use the transpose window to transpose to unison but with an option to avoid double flats or double sharps. Hope this helps!