Feature request - Envelope and Track hights


I have a few requests and desires.


  • Would it be possible to have a way to edit the range of the envelope…
    Like in the first 2-3 dB up and down it could have sort of a zoomed function or that theese levels had bit more real estate.

  • Also be able to hold down a function key when draging to fine tune a section. Now I usually need to go inn and type the values to get it exact.
    It s a great feature to be able to type it in, but takes a bit of time if it is a complicated envelope.

  • Make the envelope snap to zero a bit easier. This feels like it is better now on WL 12. At least on a the “volume/fades” envelope. Don´t know if you tweaked it a little.

Track hights

  • I find the resizing of tracks a bit annoying. Hard to explain.
    The way they kind of depend on each other and the way the bottom is fixed.
    If we could have 3-4 standard sizes and then off course resize freely.

Thank you for constantly improving wavelab, PG and the steinberg team!
Good Job!

Agree about the track heights.
Not easy to control or anticipate how sizings change. Its a bit of a struggle to get things the way you want.

Thanks for your suggestions