Feature request: Erase background added to text popover

As in the header: it would be great if it would be possible to select ‘Erase background’ in the text popover when inserting text which is a bit longer. Maybe I’m missing an option in the preferences or something, but now it goes like this:

Click on the text to select it>then go to Engrave mode>tick ‘Erase background’>press Ctrl-2 to continue entering notes.

IMO this is a pretty extensive way to get the result you’re looking for. If one is typing the instrucion and in the same pop-over one can already select this option, it would save quite some time, especially in larger scores.
As I said, maybe i’m missing something (then please tell me!), but I think this would even more speed up workflow in Dorico.

You can use a Paragraph Style that has a Background Colour set to White.

(And you can build your own Paragraph Styles, save them as default, and then set keyboard shortcuts for them).

Thanks, that works great! Stupid I never thought about that…