Feature Request: Export: 'Create Audio Track' needs two modes when Cycle Marker export activated

I do a lot of cycle marker exporting for my work and the way ‘Create Audio Track’ protocol works with them creates a bit of work.

When Cycle Marker export is activated, two modes, or default protocol with one sub-mode, should pop up under ‘Create Audio Track’:
-Per Cycle Marker

My issue is that currently, it creates a new track per cycle marker, instead of exporting cycles per track to one track.

I guess the potential conflict in my method, is that if Marker Name and Marker ID# are part of the naming scheme, they can’t obviously all be represented on the same track. But this isn’t always so important for me, as I just end up conforming the files to same track name in the end anyways. So if the new mode is turned on, the track name would just be the first cycle export.

I have a couple macros that have sped this up for me, so maybe it’s not needed