FEATURE REQUEST: Export Frozen Tracks

I cannot show you the manual page as this is the feature I am requesting. As far as I know Steinberg does not document in their manual features that will be requested in the future…

Exporting via OMF from Cubase 6 to Cubase 6 looks rather strange to me…



will a frozen track open and play properly with fx in someone else’s cubase if they don’t have the same vst plugin in the originating cubase pc? I’m imaging that it does.

Hi Artisan.

Thanks for the intresting link.
We use a lot OMF when recording drums in another studio on Logic or PT, and then we come back to Cubase 6. I think it would be an overhead to export a track from Cubase 6 in OMF and then re-import it on another Cubase 6 machine.
The Track Archive function is absolutely genius for replacing individual tracks recorded elswhere (on Cubase 6), just like replacing a single track on a multitrack tape recorder… my request to Steinberg is to have the same genius function to work on frozen tracks.

Looks like we are the only ones using this feature since nobody understands my request… :frowning:

Have a nice day.


YES, that’s what we do, BUT you have to transfer the whole project (.cpr with all subfolders), you cannot export the individual track and transfer it to another machine (that is my feature request).


I’m with you Andy.
I recently worked with someone across the pond using Cubase and Dropbox. But we both had cubase and made sure we only used plugins we both had.

Dropbox only updates files that were changed/updated, so after the initial horrendous upload, it was pretty quick.

Frozen tracks is a useful facility, but it could be so much more.

A one button solution for rendering a VSTi or audio track with processing into an proper audio track with the same routing would be immensely useful.

Since Cubase’s track export functions developed to enable individual tracks/instruments to be exported then re-imported, I seldom use freeze, but it could be so much simpler. As it is, I select the track to export, mono/stereo, where to send the file, select re-import into project, then it re-appears at the bottom of the track list…

It’s all a bit clumsy.

All the dolts who asked for freeze (because they overloaded THEIR computers) and who never shut up about how limited it was. Now you want it to Export. How do you / we want it to export?
Basic track? Plus all FX? Plus all FX settings? Plus all VST synth Settings? Mind you it would keep the forum buzzing for weeks about how awesome it was and then years or how awful it is.

Render it all to audio and get on with life. Rather than trying to invent things that you can’t see enjoy what’s there already. Sometimes I think that to use the tools that make you creative is better than looking at the tool and saying “If it only was shaped like X I could then make my fortune!”

Study the Export carefully and I’m sure you will find something already there to do a similar job.

OK, render to audio in Cubase:

  • Create bounce group
  • Route the frozen VSTi track to the bounce group
  • Create a new audio track
  • set input of the new audio track from bounce group
  • hit record several times when the relevant VSTi is playing (on a 25 minutes project could be 10 times 1 minute)

Render to audio e.g. in Reaper (frozen or not):

  • click

Andy questions? :mrgreen:

I know the freeze function was created to save CPU power. We are misusing it to save money on VSTis. My feature request is just one step forward.


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