Feature Request - Export Image File

I would LOVE for SL to be able to export the spectrograms as high quality images.
The visual rendering of the software is really useful information, not to mention quite beautiful, and since SL can clearly handle visual manipulations in high resolution monitors, I’m guessing saving the visual result as a separate file shouldn’t be that hard.
I’ve seen a few posts of people asking about this but so far I don’t see any response other than “try a different software like Photosounder”, or “take a series of screenshots and stitch them together into a panorama”.
Both solutions have merit of course, but none are as straightforward nor do they give the result I’m looking for.
The workflow I imagine using this for is: after manipulating the audio either on SL directly (cleaning, unmixing, morphing and so on) or in a DAW (vomposing or producing), you set the parameters which best represent the spectrogram to your liking (fft window size, color palette, etc) and hit export as → image file, where you chose the file format and resolution of the final image, be it for the current window view or the whole audio file.

Anyway, I hope this gets some tracktion for a future release.



I agree with everything you said here.

Believe it or not, Spectralayers imo surpasses Pro-Tools and was supposed to surpass Pro-Tools (as the leading audio industry standard) a long time ago. All these audio engineers from hollywood who produce some of the biggest box-office blockbusters should of been switching over to Spectralayers as their main tool, however they’re still using Pro-Tools. It is obviously clear that editing an audio image file is much more superior than editing a 2 dimensional audio wave file. With all the timestamp tools that Spectralayers has and all the spectral time stamp features, all those sound effects sound designers who work in hollywood should of been switching to Spectralayers a long time ago. All those post-processing/post-production engineers should of been using Spectralayers instead of Pro-Tools, however the development cycle for Spectralayers is extremely slow and it seems like Spectralayers is not a top priority for Steinberg.

Honestly image files surpass audio files in every way, and I feel that the industry standard should of been switching to using image files 10 years ago. Audio engineers(especially from hollywood, since they are the ones who have a lot of influence) should of been recording vocals in raw image files instead of wave files a long time ago, however there is no real industry standard for audio image files and I feel Steinberg should create a proper universal standard for audio image files.

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Good point,
I don’t have enough experience to envision what such new file format standard would need, but I think being able to export the whole thing or even the layers to .tiff or .svg (depending on the final use case) would be a nice start.
And like I said, apart from the audio workflow, being able to share the visual output as a standalone thing would be very useful for some things. A couple examples: a new business opens that uses a machine which every 15 minutes blasts a high frequency at say, 18k, but the owner is old enough where he does not hear it, so you make a half hour recording, print a spectrogram and show him, clear as day, a thick line at that frequency that starts every 15 minutes. He can then find a way to dampen that sound.
Or, a more artistic example. You record a really interesting bug, maybe the cicadas emergence that just happened in the US. You work the audio in SL and you zoom enough where the beatings are visually aparent. Then, you export that view and print it as a memento of that experience.

Like I said, I think there is enormous value in the visual component of a spectrogram, and the way SL displays it is really beautiful, so much so that exporting that view would be a great tool to have.

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