Feature request: Export list to clipboard


I think it would be really useful if it was possible to export Markers-, Clips- and Files lists directly to “Clipboard” so that you can easily paste it into Notes or other documents.


image - image - image


Yes please and even save as text and csv.

regards S-EH

Hi SE!

Export as .txt and .csv already works as you can see in the images, or did you mean in some other way/form?


Yes sorry, I mean the other way around
to be able to Import in text and csv format
sorry for my confusion…

your idea is good


regards S-EH

Hi again!

Just to clarify my initial proposal…

What I was thinking was to have an extra option for “Export to Clipboard” instead of to file, regardless of selected Output Format (i.e. Pure text, Spreadsheet, XML etc.) .
This would mean that the content formatting is kept intact depending on Output format, but you can paste it directly into exisiting document when applicable.

I also think it would be great if there was an option for “Do Not Include Labels” so that only Marker-, Clip- and File related data is exported without labels.


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