Feature request: Export menu option after export - 'import and create muted track'


This feature would come in handy, and save me, and I suspect others, a lot of time and inconvenience. From the export window, when selecting “create audio track” from the “after export” dialogue - if there could be an option for the imported rendered track to be automatically muted.

Often when batching out individual tracks, I will forget to scroll all the way to the bottom of larger projects in order to manually mute the track that I had just exported. As a result, the newly exported tracks gets (undesirably) exported again during the export of he next track to be exported.

If there is already a preference where this setting can be made, I would appreciate any guidance.

Thank you!

Would be nice.

What would also be nice, would be not to have to assign busses automatically, e.g., when new tracks are created, but rather have a “No Bus” or “No Output” option available, anywhere where one is currently assigned, not to mention “No Driver” on startup so DirectX isn’t chosen automatically, i.e., when there is no power to an audio interface .

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