I wish in a future relase will be implemented a more complete export function.
Just integrate the MEAP functions into the export dialog of cubase would be great!.
So I wouldn’t be frustating from exporting all stems from “” and saving some space without a lot of blank .wav files at the beginning…
Maybe also a function that allow to save automatically a new .cpr porject file after the export of the selected tracks so you can have a copy of “only audio” of your prject with the tracks that start to their proper position ready to be mixed and mastered.
I think lots of professional prefer to master their songs only working with audio rather keeping vsti or delays lacks active when jumping to a position to another.
And of course actually the multi export audio of cubase is not complete and if you need to export some tracks with particular settings (eq or fx bypass for some tracks) you have to do it manually with a lot of time wasting!!
Hope to find a more complete “MEAP” style function soon in future upgrades since Steinberg make us paid also the “half upgrades” (from 6 to 6.5) so it’s our right to have a program that respect our wish!!

It was a partial upgrade cost, making the cost fit the traditional full version upgrade scheme.
This was explained by Steinberg.