Feature request: Expose parameters in batch processor

Take the Loudness Normalizer, for example. Add it to a custom plug-in chain within a batch processor. To the right of the Loudness Normalizer is a fair amount of empty space within the list view. It would be welcome to have an additional column in the list which displayed one (or more) custom chosen parameters, from the plug-in, which is user definable. Having such data exposed would allow the user to change the values without the need to open the plug-in every time that piece of data needed to change.

Here’s a scenario: I end up batching lots of little files which need varying degrees of loudness applied, depending on the group of files, but I always use the same batch preset out of convenience. If I saved a preset for each group of files, I’d have an unmanageable number of presets. It doesn’t make sense to create individual presets for something I do this frequently which, typically, needs only one or two values to be adjusted. Having the batch is a huge time-saver on a minor but highly repetitive task. I end up opening the Loudness Normalizer dialogue quite frequently to adjust my desired Loudness setting. It would be handy to simply have that piece of information exposed in the chain list. This would prevent the task (however minor it may be) of opening the plug-in and adjusting the parameter.

I’m not asking that every piece of data be exposed, by default, in the chain list, but the ability to enable individual pieces of data to be exposed in the list would be welcome. This way the user can customize how many variables, from a particular plug-in, are available directly from the list view. For instance, in the Loudness Normalizer settings dialogue I envision a radio tick box which says “Display in list” for the Loudness to achieve setting. That would then expose that parameter in the chain list, and the user would be able to manipulate the data from the list view.

This turned out wordier than expected, apologies. Love the program, keep up the great work. :slight_smile: