Feature request: Extended Mixer Panel

Something that was bugging me for a while when mixing in Cubase I have just seen in the latest ProTools version:

Having an Extended Mixer Panel view of inserts 1-4 and sends 1-4 at the same time.

I rarely use more than 4 inserts and/or sends on a single channel, so this view would be my standard view during mixdown. I guess it wouldn’t take much coding to include it in a future Cubase version.

Please +1 this if you think this makes sense. Thank you!

+1 for sure

+1 :smiley:

Hello Balint,

Why exactly you want to see it this way ? What kind of “extra” information this will provide you ?



It seems rather obvious to me it’s easier to see all you active sends and inserts in the same window than in separate views :confused:

+1 from me too, I rarely use more than 4 of each either.


It seems rather obvious to me it’s easier to see all you active sends and inserts in the same window than in separate views

Why do you need to see them all at once ? Do you have then also all the plugin UI’s opened ?

A use case would be helpfull.



I like the idea, and it’s actually crossed my mind as well. It more closely emulates
a real studio setup with outboard gear. It’s a hassle to click the “e” button on any given channel in order to get to the send/insert rack. I guess what I’m saying is, an extended vertical display of the mixer that incorporates FX send/returns as well as EQ and metering would be neat (assuming there’s actually room to do so on the typical computer screen)

Like the Harrison mix-bus plug-in

Steiny: I am convinced that if you guys incorporated an extended mixer such as this, perhaps as some sort of add-on, you’d make a fortune. People love that sort of GUI – I think that’s why UAD and Waves plugs are so popular. I’d already be using the Harrison, if it were PC and VST compatible

Having the option to display 4 inserts and 4 sends instead of 8 inserts or 8 sends would be great. A lot of people really dont use 8 inserts or sends on a track. It would help alot with workflow when you want to access plugins or send levels as you wouldnt need to go thru channel edit panel which is a waste of time if youre not using the EQ.

It could replace the channel overview display - I find that utterly useless to be honest.

All of the above and make the mixer cusomizable, so that you can re-order tracks without changing their order in the project window, make all the components of the mixer modular, so that we can configure chains to personal taste… just sayin. This is currently a weak link in Cubase… lots of room for improvement. Look at PT or DP7 for example.



Insert and sends at the same time is useful when setting up a sidechain compression or even a reverb or a delay, anything that needs going back and forth between an insert plugin and the send level.

also, +1 on a mixer overhaul : coloring the whole channel strip, grouping a la PT and moving around channels.

Aloha guys,

@ NorthWood… that is a killer idea!!!

“I’d buy that for a dollar” —RoboCop



Nice idea! +1!

Shure, Chris, if we need an “extra” information we go the “Show channel overview”, but we don’t need information this time, we need ability to make settings without “extra clicks”. It would be very convenient to stop switching from inserts to sends view every time I want to add a plugin to a channel and adjust 1-2 send levels, or open Channel Settings Window for that purpouse.

+1 for this…!

Its all about the workflow and convenience - as someone else (sort of) said above. :wink:

@Chris - why not d/load a demo of Studio One, or buy Logic Essentials (nice and cheap…!) and see all the joy you have working in Cubase now, simply multiply (in this respect specifically - access to inserts/sends).

Anyway, I’m sure SB must be cooking up something to enhance the mixer experience; maybe the whole Cubendo GUI experience too… most every other DAW is seeing the benefits of the ‘one window’ working paradigm.

+1 i asked about being able to rearrange the mixer a long time ago in C4. it would be a really helpfull feature for improving workflow