Feature Request: Extended usage of currently set Time/Frequency Unit

SpectraLayers is able to display time and frequency in different chooseable units, which is very good. But I feel like these units could be used more by important tools and functions. Here are some ideas:

  • It would be nice if we could enter a Time Fade for any selection in the same Time Unit currently set for the project, instead of just seconds.
    In most cases seconds are good enough, but now and then I do have a project, where it is better to work with a different Time Unit like Beats or even Samples, and for e.g. exact crossfades it would be easier to have a Time Fade set in the same unit (while working in combination with active Unit Grid and/or Snap to Grid and Markers).

  • In general, the same could be possible for a Frequency Fade too, although personally I have never used a Frequency Unit other than Hertz so far (and I’m not sure how that would/could work with Notes).

  • Further, it would be nice if we could additionally access/set Tempo or Frame Rate of the project with the right-mouse-click menu on the time ruler, instead of having to go through View > Time Unit > Tempo… / Frame Rate… .

  • And one last thing, it would be nice if we could enter a value for Time Shifting with the Transform tool or Edit > Transform, that also respects the currently set Time Unit.
    Sometimes I have to align several layers on sample-level to match them as best as possible. Right now I have to zoom in very closely, manually move a layer to match waveform and spectrum, and zoom out again to check the composition. That works in many cases, but sometimes fine adjustments are necessary and it would really help to nudge a layer by just a few samples while having an overview over a larger portion of the project.


Duly noted !

Thank you, Robin!